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Friday, September 29, 2017

2017 10/1 Week 4: 大家來開會啦!!

10-1-2017 第四週:  大家來開會啦!!
10-1-2017 Week 4: Parent Meeting Time

***!!!  重要活動日期 Mark Your Calendars  !!! ***

慶祝教師節 Celebrating Teacher’s day
9/28 Happy Teacher’s Day
( 孔子誕辰日 Confucius Day )
To SDCA teachers from SDCA PTA!

校方/家長座談會 Conference with Principal  will be held in the Community Hall at 2:00 pm.
有校務簡介及教材介紹。School will introduce school events and textbooks. As well as answering questions from parents.  

班代表會議  Room Parent Meeting, Back to School Room parent meeting
@ Community Hall, 2:30pm
如果您的班上還沒有班爸或班媽,請不要猶豫,趕快志願來當班爸或班媽吧。因爲孩子需要您,家長會需要您,老師也需要您。我們學校就是一個大家庭, 有您投入時間和愛,我們的孩子才能在最好的中文環境下學習與成長。衷心期待您的參與與支持
Room parent is the most vital link between the school, PTA, and your class.  Our school relies on parent volunteers to function and thrive.  Your assistance will most definitely have a direct positive impact on your child’s experience at our school.  Thank you.

Health Seminar & Smoothies Demo @ Community Hall from 3:00 to 4:30pm
今年家長會第一次的講座很榮幸再度邀請到營養師 Isabelle 來跟我們分享如何有效地持之以恆的減重,以及有健康果汁的示範教學請各位家長踴躍參加,一起來討論及分享,請參閲附件。
We are honored to welcome Isabelle again to share some useful tips on how to eat well and maintain our health. For details please see below link.

禮券售賣 Scrip Sale at the SDCA office

中秋節 - 國歷十月四日 / 農歷八月十五
Mid-Autumn Festival - 10/4/2017

退費截止、轉班截止  Deadline for tuition refund/class transfer

教務研討會議  Teacher’s meeting

*****!!!   社區園地  Community Corner  !!! *****
如果你有自己的 business,或是你的雇主想推展業務,請考慮在中華學苑的網站、每周的 blog、或是年刊上刊登廣告。我們的價錢非常低廉公道,學校的家長也都很樂意支持我們的廣告商喔!請看下面的連結以得知更多訊息及定價。
If you have a small business or your employer wants to promote their business, please consider advertising on our website, weekly blog, or yearbook. Our pricing is very competitive and can easily reach out to more than 350 families. Please refer to the below link for more information and pricing. Thank you for your support!  

來自孫校長的短信  Text Messages From Mrs. Sun
Text this message: @sdcaparent to this number: 81010
This is used for the principal to send out regular reminders, last minute updates, and in the event of an emergency. This is a great way that you won’t miss important information from school.

Shop AmazonSmile and Earn Money for SDCA 並登錄您的Amazon帳戶
選擇San Diego Chinese Academy當成是您支持的非營利組織, 以後每次Amazon購物都到
Visit and login with your existing Amazon account.
Choose San Diego Chinese Academy as your charity when prompted.
Bookmark or point your browser to every time you shop.

送餐到學校的服務 Food Ordering and pick up at SDCA NEW!
中華學苑每週日送餐到校的服務又來了! 今年我們跟"來成小館"合作,提供道地的台灣菜色。您不但收到美味方便的送餐食物,學校也可獲得餐廳10%的捐款。請於週日中午 12:00前透過學校網站連結訂購,週日4:15 pm-4:30 pm放學前到辦公室付款 (現金)領餐。每個星期餐廳都會準備不同的套餐! 詳情及訂購請到學校網站首頁右手邊連結 ”Order Food Online” (請看下圖)。請自備零錢交給義工再領餐,謝謝您的支持!
SDCA’s food ordering service is back! This year we work with “Lai Chen Restaurant” and offer traditional Taiwanese dishes. You can ordered the food via SDCA website every week. You not only get the delicious Chinese food delivered but also help SDCA receive 10% donation from the restaurant. Place your order before Sunday 12pm, then pay and pick up at the office on Sunday 4:15 pm-4:30 pm. Every week the restaurant offers different combo meals! For more information and to order, please visit SDCA website and look for “Order Food Online” link on the right (please see screenshot below). Please bring exact change for your order. Thank you for your support!  
Disclaimer: This Food Order Service is a fundraising effort to support SDCA PTA events. SDCA is not responsible for the restaurant’s business conducts and their food quality. SDCA appreciates all the participating parents and friends, but it is participant's’ responsibility to check the ingredients with the participating restaurant for any food allergy concerns. Thank you!

******!!!  校務  School Administration  !!! ******
禮券販售 (10/1, 2-4pm)  Scrip Sale (10/1, 2-4pm )
請到辦公室洽詢  ~ All at School Office~  

!!  請注意 !!  Attention !!
學分班的學生應儘快到所屬美國高中辦理第二種語言學習申請,否則過期後無法得到中文學分的承認。每年學區的申請表格都可能有變化, 請學生們注意。
All students attending credit class should file district required forms for Off-Campus Study with their school before district set deadline (generally end of September) to avoid losing their chance to acquire foreign language credit.
凡就讀美國高中十年級以上的學生,若需要考中文SAT II, 請家長在九月底以前,自行上網至 查明考試日期並做網上報名。SAT II 一年只舉辦一次,請家長提醒學生切勿錯過報名時間。For students attending 10th grade and above who wish to take the Chinese SAT II test, please go to to find out testing date and registration information.  This test only takes place once a year, so please remember to register before the end of September or you will have to wait until next year.

下週(10/08/2017)開始功課輔導的課程,每周日4:40pm to 5:20pm,在 US101 教室,請有興趣的家長到辦公室報名。收費以打卡方式,每五次 $25。
The homework assistance program will start next week (10/08/2017). Please come to the office to register and pay the fee. The fee is $25 for 5 times. The tutoring time is 4:40pm -5:20pm each Sunday afternoon during the school year. The room is in US101.

Parents and teacher conference will be held in each classroom. Time will be set by each teacher.
Teachers will introduce their own teaching plans and activities for this year.  Please make sure to attend the conference when you receive the notice from your teacher(s).

停車場使用須知  Important reminder for parking lot traffic
為了您與孩子們的安全,進入停車場請放慢駕駛速度.  提醒您請先把車停在停車格上, 再一同與孩子們前往教室。校方規劃的黃、白線區,僅提供學生上、下車使用,其餘時間, 請勿將您的車子停在此專用道,沒有例外。謝謝您的配合遵守,以做為孩子們的好榜樣。Please watch your speed while driving in the parking lot. For you and our children’s safety, the curbside right in front of the school building is for drop-off and pick-up only. Please park your car in the marked parking spaces. Please do not park or wait by the curb. No Exceptions. Your cooperation is much appreciated.   
學校後側也設有停車場。Additional parking is available at the rear of the school.

校園安全  Campus Safety
請提醒您的子弟尊重愛護所有校園教室內外事物, 遵守學生守則, 及新的資源回收規則。
Please continue to remind your children to respect all school property and rules and follow the new recycling policy at LJCDS campus.
請勿使用或玩電梯。電梯僅供老師使用。Do not play with or use the elevator. The elevator is for teacher use only.
The playground located in front of the kindergarten/preschool classes is designed for
kindergarten/preschool students only.  Other students are forbidden to use that facility.
校方不提供點心和水, 請家長自己為孩子們準備點心和水。
School does not provide snack, please prepare snack and water for your students.
Parents please pick up your child(ren) promptly after school and leave the classroom so that the janitor can begin to clean the classroom. There is only one janitor and he alone must clean more than 30 classrooms by 6 PM. This is a difficult task and we ask for the parents’ support and cooperation in this.  If you need to speak to the teacher, we welcome you and your teacher to come use the office. Thank you for your support and assistance in this manner. For younger students please make the pick up at the classroom location.  We appreciate your cooperation.
家長於上課時間,如需與校方緊急聯絡,請撥打校方手機:858-205- 7322
For emergency contact during school hours, please call SDCA cell phone: 858-205- 7322.

*****!!! 家長會與活動 PTA Announcement  !!! *****

非常感謝各位今年班爸班媽的義工, 有你們的幫助, 老師們能更有效地和家長們溝通, 家長會也能夠將學校相關的活動藉由你們傳達到每個家庭.   還沒有班代表班級的家長,也請熱心的家長能起加入班爸班媽的行列!
Big thank you to those who have volunteered to be the room parent this year. Your effort and dedication makes a huge difference in your children’s classes. Our teachers will be able to communicate to all the parents more effectively with your help.   

點心購買  Snack Sale
家長會將在第二節下課時間 3:20pm to 3:40Pm提供點心和水給家長購買, 歡迎家長為孩子們購買點心和水。
The PTA will prepare the snack and water for parents to purchase during the recess. 3:20PM to 3:40PM

下課時間文化活動  Recess Cultural Activities
家長會也會在第二節下課時間 3:20pm to 3:40pm 準備了一些好玩的扯鈴, 跳繩, 踢毽的傳統民間玩具給學生體驗學習中華文化和傳統。 給大家來體驗, 歡迎來學習或申展你的才能, 你可能就是下一個扯鈴高手, 跳繩冠軍, 踢毽新星!
The PTA will also layout some fun Chinese folk toys for students to play and learn about the culture and tradition. There are Chinese yoyo, jump rope, and shuttlecock for the fun.  Come and try out.  You might be the next super star for these folk toys.

家長會活動  PTA events
家長會聯誼活動將於九月中起跑唷,敬請期待!! 學校是一個很友善的大家庭, 而家長會的活動最主要的目的也是讓每個如果您開學前幾週有空,請您留在學校協助您的子女學習, 也可以多和學校的工作人員及家長聊聊唷!
Stay tuned for announcements about our exciting events this year.  We will continue the Parent Exercise Club, Student recess snack, Seminars, Fall Festival, Chinese New Year and many more fun and educational events for your whole family.

家長會瑜珈班 1:45-2:45pm at room MS112
對瑜伽有興趣的家長, 這星期天來註冊瑜伽課。 十節課美金八十元,或者每節課支付美金九元。 Come join our fellow parents for yoga this Sunday.  $80 for 10 lessons or to pay $9 per lesson.

家長會義工  Volunteers Needed
新學年學校需要您的熱心幫忙以下義工, 請有興趣的家長或朋友們跟我們聯絡, 謝謝!  請郵電
We still need volunteers for the following positions in the new school year.  Please contact us if you have not submitted your preference!  Your help would be a big contribution to our school. Please email:  

班爸班媽 Room Parents
學分班家長攝影 Credit Class photographer
比賽服務組(演講, 朗誦) Contest Assistance Committee
辦公室執勤 Office duty
校園糾察 Ground Supervision
家長會部落格 PTA blog
假如您還沒訂閱家長會部落格,請到 訂閱, 這樣您便能收到有關學校的最新消息。
If you have not subscribed to the PTA blog, please do so at , this way, you can receive the most updated information about school happenings.

家長休息室  Parent Lounge
感謝學校今年大方的提供 MS 104 當作家長休息室, 和其他教室一樣,請家長們嚴格遵守規定-不隨意更動教室佈置及桌椅,不在教室内吃喝及自行把垃圾帶出教室丟入室外的大垃圾桶,謝謝您的合作!
This year we have a parent lounge in Room MS 104.  Please DO NOT change the classroom setting,  DO NOT have food and beverage in the room and please also take your trash outside. Thank you for your cooperation !

******!!!    校外活動   Extracurricular   !!! ******

雙十國慶  Double Ten Celebration
Come join the One Hundred and Third National Day Celebration events for Republic of China (Taiwan) on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 @ 10:00am at San Diego Chinese School, 507 Ruffin Road, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92123.
世大運閉幕典禮表演團隊「九天民俗技藝團」是本年僑務委員會特遴派的國慶文化訪問團,將於105日(星期四)19:00Joan  B  Kroc  Theatre(地址:6611  University  Ave.,  San  Diego,  CA  92115)公演,以宣慰僑胞。
該演出千載難逢,不容錯過。票券事宜,請至 SDCA office 購買或查詢。
For the National Day of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Overseas Community Affairs Council invited Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe as this year’s Taiwanese Culture Goodwill Mission Troupe.  They are one of the performers for the Closing Ceremony at the XXIX Summer Universiade held in Taipei.  The Troupe will have a public performance on Thursday October 5, 6:00pm, at Joan B Kroc Theatre (address: 6611 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92115) to gratify the overseas Chinese.
The theme of this tour is 「鼓鳴旗飛慶雙十」to celebrate the “Double Ten” National Day with contents rich of Taiwanese culture.  Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe will perform a series of specially planned programs including 「神仙祈福」、「氣吞天下」、「官將首」、「金鼓喧天‧旗開得勝」、「歡喜神童」and「御天戰鼓」.  Through the professional and innovative theatrical techniques, these performances based on the traditional tale of the temples will bring the audience the utmost abundant visual and auditory feast.
This show is a must for our heritage.  Do not miss this splendid performance.  Please visit the SDCA office for tickets or questions.