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Friday, July 17, 2020

Scrip Gift Cards Online Process for Year 2019-2020 ONLY

Dear San Diego Chinese Academy Families:

We hope you all are getting off to a good summer and are having fun, even if it is socially distanced fun.

We have been working hard at SDCA. Principal Amy Sun and teachers are working on teaching materials and the Board of Directors are working on a few tasks to prepare for the new school year.

We would like to let you know that we have created a way(s) for our families to order scrip cards for YEAR 2019-2020 (past academic year), to redeem scrip refund, and to get volunteer refunds online before next school year starts, so you and your families can get the gift cards soon.

The order form is for Year 2019-2020 ONLY!

Please use the attached Scrip Order Form to select the scrip card(s) you would like to get, on the first come first get basis. Parents can view your current scrip purchase balance in the portal here at Portal Sign In.  Once login inside the portal, use “transaction history”, to determine any additional amount you need to purchase to fulfill scrip refund of $50 requirement.

Scrip purchases are optional, but everybody contributes to our Scrip program. A $50 Scrip deposit per student is charged at registration. The deposit will be fully refunded after an eligible amount of Scrip purchase is made. For the 1st child in the family $700, 2nd child $600, and $500 for each of the remaining children in the family. 

In one family

1st child $700
2nd child $600
3rd child $500
4th child $500

The order form is for Year 2019-2020 ONLY!

Students in each household need to submit separate google forms for scrip deposit refunds. Please send in scrip purchase form first, a confirmation email from Scrip Director will grant you to submit a form for the scrip deposit refund. All google forms must be submitted by the end of August 16, midnight (PST).  We will send out two more reminder emails during this one-month period.  Please make sure to calculate the total dollar amount of the scrip cards you selected before submitting the form. We will send a confirmation email once we verify the availability of the scrip cards and/or the families’ eligibility.  

Payment information if applicable, will be on the confirmation email.

We will announce the pickup location, and time/date sometime after mid-August when a safe and, possibly the same time as the textbook pick up day.

A separate email for service refunds will be sent out by SDCA PTA ONLY to qualified volunteer parents. Please send a form just for service refund separate from the scrip purchase or scrip deposit refunds. 

Once again, the scrip order form is for Year 2019-2020 ONLY!

Hope you are well and stay safe.