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Friday, October 16, 2020

WEEK6: 10-18-2020 班媽班爸出爐了嗎? Got Room Parents?


10-18-2020: 班媽班爸出爐了嗎?

10-18-2020: Got Room Parents?

*************!!!        Mark Your Calendar  重要活動日期      !!! *************

下週 (10/25/2020) 有上學期的期中考,請家長們要督促孩子們溫習功課。

Mid-term exam will be next week (10/25/2020), please help your child(ren) prepare for it.


For emergency contact during school hours, please call SDCA cell phone: 858-205-7322.

當學校老師是支持子女學中文最好的方式, 家長也是最好的老師來源,假如您有興趣


We are always in need of teachers. If you have a passion for teaching or know someone

who is interested in teaching, please contact us. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience,

training is available.

在AmazonSmile上購物幫助中華學苑募款: 到 

並登錄您的Amazon帳戶, 選擇San Diego Chinese Academy當成是您支持的非營利組織。


Shop AmazonSmile and Earn Money for SDCA: Visit 

and login with your existing Amazon account. Choose San Diego Chinese Academy as your 

charity when prompted. Bookmark or point your browser to every 

time you shop.

**************!!!         PTA Announcement  家長會與活動  !!!      ***************


*****!!!   社區園地  Community Corner  !!! *****

如果你有自己的 business,或是你的雇主想推展業務,請考慮在中華學苑的網站、



If you have a small business or your employer wants to promote their business, please consider

 advertising on our website, weekly blog, or yearbook. Our pricing is very competitive and can 

easily reach out to more than 350 families. Please refer to the below link for more information 

and pricing. Thank you for your support!  

Support SDCA and Advertise for Your Business 中華學苑廣告資訊

來自孫校長的短信  Text Messages From Mrs. Sun 




Text this message: @sdcaparent to this number: 81010

This is used for the principal to send out regular reminders, last minute updates, and in 

the event of an emergency. This is a great way that you won’t miss important information

from school.


家長們也可以通過 San Diego Chinese Academy Facebook page得到學校的近況和活動資訊。 

You also receive current events and activities information through San Diego Chinese 

Academy Facebook page.  Remember to “Like” and “Follow” the page.


Shop AmazonSmile and Earn Money for SDCA並登錄您的Amazon帳戶,選擇San Diego Chinese


Visit and login with your existing Amazon 

account. Choose San Diego Chinese Academy as your charity when prompted.

Bookmark or point your browser to every time you shop.

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