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Thursday, April 30, 2020

WEEK28 - 2020 5/3 學分班説明會 Credit Class Information Meeting


校方將在05/03/2020這星期天, 1:00PM 舉辦學分班説明會 ,如果您的孩子將於
08/2020就讀七年級以上,就有資格報名學分班。 説明會將以 Webex 遠距方式
開會,所以,有興趣的家長請email to, 我們會送會議的邀
Principal Sun would like to call a meeting for parents who are considering to enroll 
students for credit class on this coming Sunday 05/03/2020, 1:00PM. Credit class 
program is for the 7th (and up) grade students. If you like to attend the meeting, please 
register by email School will email you the Webex meeting 
invitation. You can always call Principal Sun at 858-205-7322 if you have any questions.

We ask for your cooperation during this time period and encouragement and support 
for teachers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact school. We must
work together to make the transition happen smoothly. Thank you!

We will continue remote Education till the end of the school year.

下學年的預註冊是 04/19/2020 到06/30/2020 (延長一個月). 都是網上註冊,
凡預註冊期間網上註冊並繳費都可以免 $50註冊費。預註冊詳情請看附件,

The online Pre-Registration for next school year is from 04/19/2020 to 06/30/2020. 
The $50 registration fee will be waived if you register before 06/30/2019. For see 
attached file for details or go to school website

Attached Files:


禮券銷售和服務退款 Scrip Sales and Volunteer Refunds
長可按服務次數領取這個學年的服務退費 (家長會, 會另外用電子郵件跟各位, 
SDCA wants to thank all parents who have supported our school, either by volunteering 
your time, your expertises, or by buying Scrip to help with our fundraising.  Our Scrip team 
will be ready to serve you when the school physically opens again.  In the meantime, we 
are sorry that no online Scrip sales or refunds will be available.  Service refunds for this
academic year will be prorated and given out later at school. Entitled parents will be 
notified by PTA soon in advance.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  
Parents can pay for Scrip at pre-registration and/or after the pre-registration, but these
transactions are all done on the portal. The parents can prepay for Scrip so as to avoid
the $50 Scrip fee , but cannot pick their choice of gift cards until the school opens again. 

學生商店 Student Store
Teachers are still giving out coupon stickers during remote learning. We will have the 
student store open during early next school year. More details to follow.  Don't want to 
miss out the happiest day of their Chinese school!!

班費和感謝老師的禮物 Class Fund and Teacher Appreciation Gift
PTA will share the details on the class fund and teacher appreciation gift with the 
room parents.

Three ways to keep in touch with school!

Text messages from SDCA for important school information,  last minute updates and in 
the event of an emergency, please text this message: @sdcaparent to this number: 81010
Text Number: 81010
Text Message: @sdcaparent

2.請到訂閱家長會部落格, 便能收到有關學校的最新消息。
PTA Blog: subscribe at

3. 可以通過 San Diego Chinese Academy Facebook page 得到學校的近況和活動資訊。 
You also receive current events and activities information through San Diego Chinese
Academy Facebook page.  Remember to “Like” and “Follow” the page.

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