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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

學分班説明 Credit Class Information Seminar

校方將在05/03/2020這星期天, 1:00PM 舉辦學分班説明會 ,如果您的孩子將於08/2020就讀七年級以上,就有資格報名學分班。 説明會將以 Webex 遠距方式開會,所以,有興趣的家長請回復此 email, 我會送會議的邀請給您。有關學分班的問題,您也可以隨時打電話

Dear Parents,
Principal Sun would like to call a meeting for parents who are considering to enroll students for credit class on this coming Sunday 05/03/2020, 1:00PM. Credit class program is for the 7th (and up) grade students. If you like to attend the meeting, please reply this email. I will email you the Webex meeting invitation. You can always call me at 858-205-7322 if you have any question.


Amy Sun, Principal      
San Diego Chinese Academy

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