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Friday, February 9, 2018

Special Notice for 02/11/2018 SDCA Chinese New Year Festival

This week (02/11/2018) we will celebrate our school’s 30th anniversary and Chinese New Year,
the event will take place outdoors. Please put sunscreen on your children or provide them with
a hat and water. Students don’t need to bring a backpack that day, we will not be using the
classrooms. The classrooms will be locked after the program starts. Please bring your children
10 minutes early at 1:20 PM to the classroom. Teachers will be taking the students to the
amphitheater at 1:30 pm promptly. If you are late, please go directly to the assigned seating
area at the amphitheater to meet your teacher.  Please be on time so we can start the
performance on time, which will also help us to start our carnival on time.  Please stay until
the end of the performance, the carnival will start after that.

園遊會票券2/11/2018當天 1張一元。
Chinese New Year Festival tickets for sale: $1 per ticket
All proceeds are for School fund raising, no refund will be giving back for any un-used tickets.

~校務特別通知~ Special Notice for 02/11/2018
基於意外責任之考量, 02/11/2018典禮開始後學校將不再開放教室, 只有辦公室照常開放至
5:30pm, 請各位家長不要遺留任何不屬於地主學校的物品在教室內.  家長,學生, 或家長邀
來同樂的家人及朋友若遺失任何物品, 請恕學校不予負責。感謝大家的理解與合作!
a. Please do not leave anything that does not belong to LJCDS in the classrooms this Sunday. The
school plans to lock up all the classrooms after the event begins due to liability issues.
b. The office will remain open until 5:30pm.
c. The school is NOT responsible for any loss or/and  misplacement of any belongings of Parents,
Students, or guests at the event.

本週(02/11/2018)上課的活動流程 Schedule for this week (02/11/2018):
12:45 - 老師校務會議 weekly faculty meeting
1:00 - 學分一與白龍舞獅團排練 credit 1 students rehearse lion dance
1:30 - 學生在教室跟老師集合, 發紅包給學生們,交待新年園遊會事宜
              students meet teachers at the classroom, give out red envelopes to students, and make
1:40 - 老師帶各班到露天劇場(Amphitheater)就席 teachers take class to assigned seating
              area at the Amphitheater for roll call
1:45 - 節目開始 Performances start
3:00 - 園遊會開始 Carnival starts
4:45 - 園遊會結束,收拾打掃 (學分班幫忙)。學分班學生請穿學校制服
              Carnival ends, clean up (credit class students , please wear school T-Shirt)
5:45 - 學分班下課 Credit class ends

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