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Friday, November 6, 2020

課外活動和獎助學金Extracurricular Activities and Scholarships: November 7, @3:00-5:00 PM

大學入學提早申請的時間已經過了, 正規申請UC的時間也將於本月底截止, 有些私校雖然

有比較晚的截止申請日期, 但是一般而言, 今年大學入學申請的過程已經接近尾聲. 雖然不


重點, 因為在疫情之下高中生可以做的有限, 雖然課程不會用分數評分或許採取通過或不

通過的評分方式, 重點是如何可以在疫情之下強化個人在下個學期的學習以及增強課外活


The time for early application for university admissions has passed, and the formal

application for UC will end at the end of this month. Although some private schools

have a relatively late deadline for application, in general, this year's university admissions

application process is almost over. Although I don’t know what changes will happen to the

admission review standards this year? However, the focus is to strengthen autumn studies

and strengthen extracurricular activities, because under the epidemic situation, high

school students can do only limited. Although the courses will not be scored by scores

or may adopt a pass or fail scoring method, the focus is on how to be in the epidemic

strengthening the individual's learning in the next semester and enhancing

extracurricular activities is the focus!

10月1日開始可以申報FAFSA了!家長們了解什麼是COA, EFC, AAI, AGI, UGMA, UTMA

這些專有的名詞否?獎助學金, 補助款及獎學金有沒有稅的問題?要不要歸還?529計劃是



You can apply for FAFSA from October 1st! Do parents know the proper terms such as

COA, EFC, AAI, AGI, UGMA, UTMA? Are there any tax issues for scholarships, grants and

scholarships? Do you want to return it? Is the 529 plan counted as the asset of the child

or parent? How does the university look at the tax form and how many years of the tax

form? Can families with high assets and income receive subsidies?

各位家長!機會來了!11月7日周六下午三點到五點Flex College Prep新法教育學院聯手

南加財務及稅務專業Lindy Bell共同舉辦專場線上講座, 歡迎大家熱烈參與, 請先在以下連結


The opportunity is here! On Saturday, November 7th, from 3pm to 5pm, Flex College

Prep and Lindy Bell, a major in Finance and Taxation in South Canada, will jointly hold

a special online seminar. Welcome everyone to participate. Please register and sign up

at the link below.




講員: Ben Robbins 耶魯大學學士.

3pm to 4pm

Lecture topic: The impact of COVID-19 on autumn studies and how to carry out

extracurricular activities under this situation? (Lecture in English)

Speaker: Ben Robbins Bachelor of Yale University.


講座主題: FAFSA申請實際案例分享!如何避免錯誤爭取到最大化的獎學金或是補助金?


講員: Lindy Bell 南加州著名資深税務暨財務專業.

4pm to 5pm

Lecture topic: FAFSA application actual case sharing! How to avoid mistakes to maximize

scholarships or grants? (Chinese lecture)

Speaker: Lindy Bell, a well-known senior tax and finance major in Southern California.


Meeting ID: 837 6898 2743

Passcode: 5JvnDQ


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