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Friday, September 11, 2020

WEEK1: 9-13-2020 First Day of School 開學日

2020-21 First Day of School 開學日

9-13-2020 開學日: 歡迎各位小朋友來到中華學苑

Welcome Back to San Diego Chinese Academy





學校行政人員有校長孫麗敏,副校長陸明卿,王樺, 註冊組長林立婧,總務組長黃健生。


Greetings!  Welcome to the family of SDCA.  I am Amy Sun, your principal for this year. 

I am very excited to introduce to you all the incredible people that is the driving force of 

our wonderful school this year.  From the board, we have Ling Chan as President, 

Hung Wang as Vice President, Jennifer Liang as Secretary, Christine Gibbs as Treasurer,

Peggy Han as PTA Director, Vicky Rogers as Activity Director, James Yu as Operation 

Director and Jessica Hsieh as our Scrips Director. We are so lucky to have these 

passionate parent volunteers’ support.  In the office, we have our vice principals Daisy Lu

and Esther Wang, registrar Lesley Lynn, and librarian Jansen Huang. We have a returning

teacher Sara Chang joined us this year.  Welcome aboard!   Thank you for your support!!

*************!!!        Mark Your Calendar  重要活動日期      !!! *************


Due to COVID-19, our school will have distance learning for the first semester.


Parents and students, please read and sign the attached Student Online 

Learning Handbook.

SDCA_Student_Online_Handbook_09.08.20 .docx



We will have a Credit Class Parent Meeting next week (09/20/2020).  

All parents of credit class students, please make sure you join us for this 

important meeting. We will email the meeting invitation link to all parents.



All students attending credit class should file district-required forms for Off-Campus 

Study with their school before the district-set deadline (generally end of September), 

to avoid losing their chance to acquire foreign language credit.

就讀美國高中十年級以上的學生,若需要考中文SAT II, 請家長在九月底以前,

自行上網至collegeboard.com查明考試日期並做網上報名。SAT II一年只舉辦一次,


For students attending 10th grade and above who wish to take the Chinese SAT II test, 

please go to to find out testing date and registration information.  

This test only takes place once a year, so please remember to register before the end of

September or you will have to wait until next year.



On week 3 (09/27/2020), a conference with the principal will be held online. The principal 

will announce and explain school events and textbooks, as well as answering questions 

from parents.


Parents and teacher conferences will be held in each classroom. Time will be set by each 

teacher. Teachers will introduce their own teaching plans and activities for this year.  Please

make sure to attend the conference when you receive the notice from your teacher(s).


For emergency contact during school hours, please call SDCA cell phone: 858-205-7322.

假如您還沒訂閱家長會部落格,請到訂閱, 這樣您便能


If you have not subscribed to the PTA blog, please do so at, 

this way, you can receive the most updated information about school happenings.

**************!!!         PTA Announcement  家長會與活動  !!!      ***************


*****!!!   社區園地  Community Corner  !!! *****

如果你有自己的 business,或是你的雇主想推展業務,請考慮在中華學苑的網站、



If you have a small business or your employer wants to promote their business, please consider

 advertising on our website, weekly blog, or yearbook. Our pricing is very competitive and can 

easily reach out to more than 350 families. Please refer to the below link for more information 

and pricing. Thank you for your support!  

Support SDCA and Advertise for Your Business 中華學苑廣告資訊

來自孫校長的短信  Text Messages From Mrs. Sun 




Text this message: @sdcaparent to this number: 81010

This is used for the principal to send out regular reminders, last minute updates, and in 

the event of an emergency. This is a great way that you won’t miss important information

from school.


家長們也可以通過 San Diego Chinese Academy Facebook page得到學校的近況和活動資訊。 

You also receive current events and activities information through San Diego Chinese 

Academy Facebook page.  Remember to “Like” and “Follow” the page.


Shop AmazonSmile and Earn Money for SDCA並登錄您的Amazon帳戶,選擇San Diego Chinese


Visit and login with your existing Amazon 

account. Choose San Diego Chinese Academy as your charity when prompted.

Bookmark or point your browser to every time you shop.

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