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Thursday, May 16, 2019

WEEK30 2019 5/19 Closing/Graduation Ceremony

5-19-2019 結業及畢業典禮
5-19-2019 Closing/Graduation Ceremony

***!!!  重要活動日期 Mark Your Calendars  !!! ***

Award Ceremony, Closing/Graduation Ceremony, Report Card/Yearbook Distribution

1. 05/20/2019是本學年最後一週,有畢業/結業典禮及學生表演。因為當天的行程很緊湊,
This Sunday 05/19 is the last day of school, we will have Graduation/Closing ceremony with
Student performance. Teachers will also be handing out various awards certificates, report cards,
summer homework packets, yearbook, etc. We have a lot to do that day, please make sure your
student comes to school on time at 1:30 PM.: Tentative itinerary for the day is as follows:

1:30 PM - 請家長直接帶孩子們到教室。
                        School starts, please take your child to his/her classroom
1:30 PM - 各班頒獎:老師發學生成績單,獎狀,獎牌,暑假作業及年刊。
          Teachers will distribute report card, yearbook (1 per family), summer homework,
                       class awards, as well as speech contest and poetry recitation contest trophies.
2:15 PM - 請各班老師帶學生到室内劇場(Four Flowers Theatre)就位,
          典禮才能準時開始。請老師提醒申請就讀6, 9年及各班第一名的學生
          Award Presentation Preparation at Four Flowers Theatre. Each class should be
                       seated at the assigned seating area at Four Flowers Theatre so we may start the
                       ceremony promptly.
2:30 PM - 畢業典禮開始。
          Ceremony starts
4:30 PM - 典禮結束。
          Ceremony ends

2. 網上註冊: 05/19/2019 結業典禮之後, 辦公室將關閉放暑假。所有註冊請以郵寄的
方式寄給我們。我們的郵政信箱是SDCA -- Registration, P.O. Box 910093,
San Diego, CA 92191-0093。 如果我們在5/31/2019 收到您的註冊表與付款,
註冊組長 Lesley (!
Online Registration: After 05/19/2019, the SDCA office will be closed for the summer.
Please submit your registration by mail. Our mailing address is SDCA -- Registration,
P.O. Box 910093, San Diego, CA 92191-0093. If we receive your registration postmark
by 05/31/2019 you are still eligible for the $50 discount. For more information please
contact Registrar, Lesley (

3. 謝師宴  Teacher Appreciation Dinner
今年謝師宴將於 05/19/2019(星期日)下午6:00 在 100’s Seafood Grill Buffet
Teacher Appreciation Dinner will be on Sunday, May 19, 2019, 6:00 PM at
100’s Seafood Grill Buffet Restaurant.
Come join the teachers at the dinner to show your support.

4. Congratulations to the following parents as our board members for next year, we
appreciate your support and we are sure the school will be better and better
because of your contribution. Thank you.

錢昭榮 Chao-Jung Chien
王元弘 Hung Wang
張瑞娟 Vicky Rogers
韓佩臻 Peggy Han
余曉薇 Michelle Ye
劉艾玲 Ngai Ling Lau
蔡正昱 Olivia Tsai
賴靜穎 Christine Gibbs
陳菱 Ling Chan

Thank you and Have a great summer!

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