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Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 1/14 第十六週: 春節園遊會籌備中

1-14-2018 第十六週: 春節園遊會籌備中
1-14-2018 Week 16: Getting Ready for the Spring Festival

***!!!  重要活動日期 Mark Your Calendars  !!! ***

Yearbook cover contest has started, the theme this year is “My Chinese School”. Final work
must be turned in by 02/04/2018 for judging.

To encourage Chinese study, we provide awards to our students who have continuously studied
Chinese for 6, 9, or 12 years. If your child qualifies, please obtain application form from your
teacher. If the previous years of study were from another Chinese school, proper documentation
(transcript, certificates of completion, etc.) must be submitted along with the application form.
Application deadline is 01/28/2018.

Report Card distribution, Poetry Recitation Contest Registration Begins
Report card will be distributed next week (01/14/2018). Parents please review, sign, and return
The report card back to your teacher promptly. At the end of the school year, teachers will update
the report card and distribute it for the students to keep.
03/11/2018 及03/18/2018。我們將採取網絡報名,請家長上網至此網址報名
Sign up for the school-wide Poetry Recitation Contest starts this week (01/14/2018), registration
deadline is 02/18/2018. Competition dates are 03/11/2018 and 03/18/2018. Please go to the
following link to fill out the online sign-up form.

中文打字比賽開始、班代表會議 + 新年手工坊、交回上學期成績單
Class Chinese Typing Contest Begin, Room Parent Meeting + New Year Festival Arts and Craft
workshop, Return Report Card
Starting week 17 (01/21/2018) we will have Chinese Typing Contest. This is an in-class competition.
The goal is to encourage students to familiarize and practice typing in Chinese.

就讀六,九,十二年的學生申請獎勵截止、班代表會議  + 新年手工坊
6,9,12-year study award application deadline,  Room Parent Meeting + New Year Festival Arts
and Craft workshop
2018年全美SAT中文模擬考試定於 3/4/2018 ( 星期日) 舉行。報名以學校為單位,為方便
National Chinese SAT Subject Simulation Test will be held at our school on Sunday 03/04/2018.
Registration is by school only. Students wish to take this simulation test must register with our
Office by 02/01/2018 along with a check for $10 made payable to SDCA.

校刊封面設計比賽截止、新年節目總彩排、年刊截稿、Scrip Sale
Yearbook Cover Entries Due, New Year Program Rehearsal, Scrip Sale

*****!!!   社區園地  Community Corner  !!! *****

節日特別籌款 SDCA Holiday Season Special Fundraising
隨著節日的接近,我們許多人都在煩惱着為家人,朋友和同事找一個完美的禮物。 剛好,
所示) As the Holiday season is approaching, many of us are pulling hair to find the perfect gift
for family, friends and colleagues. Look no further, we have a wonderful gender neutral gift for
your loved ones.  Colorful Law of Physics Indoor Glass Galileo Thermometer (shown in the
following picture).
- The thermometer, based on a design by Galileo, consists of a sealed glass tube that is filled
  with liquid and 10 floating bubbles. The bubbles are glass spheres, each of which is filled
  with colored liquid mixture.
- Attached to each bubble is a little metal tag with a temperature reading. These metal tags
  are calibrated counterweights. The weight of each tag is slightly different from the others.
-The bubbles are calibrated by adding a certain amount of fluid to them so that they have
 the exact same density.
-This thermometer is approximately 3” wide and deep with 17.5” tall.  It comes in a protective
 paper box for easy wrapping.
30週年慶典的籌款活動之一出售! 我們將於12/3/17這個週日開始在SDCA辦公室出售,並
他地方得到的好價錢!(類似的項目在亞馬遜超過30美元+稅+運費)! 數量有限,將先
到先得。 所以請盡快來看看。
These special thermometers are generous gifts from one of SDCA families, Mr. Chi Chieh Chung,
and SDCA will be selling them as one of fundraising events for the upcoming SDCA 30 year
anniversary celebration!  We will continue selling them in the SDCA office.  We are selling them
at $10 each , that’s a great price you can’t get from anywhere else (similar item sold on Amazon
for more than $30 + tax + shipping)!  Quantities are limited and will be first come first served.  
So please come by and take a look as soon as you can.  MORE THAN 80 WERE SOLD!!!!!

如果你有自己的 business,或是你的雇主想推展業務,請考慮在中華學苑的網站、每周的
If you have a small business or your employer wants to promote their business, please consider
advertising on our website, weekly blog, or yearbook. Our pricing is very competitive and can
easily reach out to more than 350 families. Please refer to the below link for more information
and pricing. Thank you for your support!  

來自孫校長的短信  Text Messages From Mrs. Sun
Text this message: @sdcaparent to this number: 81010
This is used for the principal to send out regular reminders, last minute updates, and in
the event of an emergency. This is a great way that you won’t miss important information
from school.

家長們也可以通過 San Diego Chinese Academy Facebook page 得到學校的近況和活動資訊。
You also receive current events and activities information through San Diego Chinese
Academy Facebook page.  Remember to “Like” and “Follow” the page.

Shop AmazonSmile and Earn Money for SDCA 並登錄您的Amazon帳戶,選擇San Diego Chinese
Visit and login with your existing Amazon
account. Choose San Diego Chinese Academy as your charity when prompted.
Bookmark or point your browser to every time you shop.

送餐到學校的服務 Food Ordering and pick up at SDCA  New Menu every week!!
中華學苑每週日送餐到校的服務又來了! 今年我們跟"來成小館"合作,提供道地的台灣菜
色。您不但收到美味方便的送餐食物,學校也可獲得餐廳10%的捐款。請於週日中午 12:00
前透過學校網站連結訂購,週日4:15 pm-4:30 pm放學前到辦公室付款 (現金)領餐。每個星
期餐廳都會準備不同的套餐!詳情及訂購請到學校網站首頁右手邊連結 ”Order Food Online”
SDCA’s food ordering service is back! This year we work with “Lai Chen Restaurant” and
offer traditional Taiwanese dishes. You can ordered the food via SDCA website every
week. You not only get the delicious Chinese food delivered but also help SDCA receive
10% donation from the restaurant. Place your order before Sunday 12pm, then pay and
pick up at the office on Sunday 4:15 pm-4:30 pm. Every week the restaurant offers
different combo meals! For more information and to order, please visit SDCA website and
look for “Order Food Online” link on the right (please see screenshot below). Please bring
exact change for your order. Thank you for your support!  
Disclaimer: This Food Order Service is a fundraising effort to support SDCA PTA events. SDCA is not responsible for
the restaurant’s business conducts and their food quality. SDCA appreciates all the participating parents and friends,
but it is participant's’ responsibility to check the ingredients with the participating restaurant for any food allergy
concerns. Thank you!

******!!!  校務  School Administration  !!! ******

No Pets Allowed on campus. No Skateboards Allowed on campus.
功課輔導已經開始,每周日4:40pm to 5:20pm,在 US101 教室,請有興趣的家長到辦公
室報名。收費以打卡方式,每五次 $25。
The homework assistance program has started. Please come to the office to register and pay the
fee. The fee is $25 for 5 times. The tutoring time is 4:40pm -5:20pm each Sunday afternoon
during the school year. The room is in US101.

校園安全  Campus Safety
請提醒您的子弟尊重愛護所有校園教室內外事物, 遵守學生守則, 及新的資源回收規則。
Please continue to remind your children to respect all school property and rules and follow the
new recycling policy at LJCDS campus.
Do not play with or use the elevator. The elevator is for teacher use only.
The playground located in front of the kindergarten/preschool classes is designed for
kindergarten/preschool students only.  Other students are forbidden to use that facility.
Parents please pick up your child(ren) promptly after school and leave the classroom so that
the janitor can begin to clean the classroom. There is only one janitor and he alone must clean
more than 30 classrooms by 6 PM. This is a difficult task and we ask for the parents’ support
and cooperation in this.  If you need to speak to the teacher, we welcome you and your teacher
to come use the office. Thank you for your support and assistance in this manner. For younger
students please make the pick up at the classroom location.  We appreciate your cooperation.
For emergency contact during school hours, please call SDCA cell phone: 858-205-7322.

*****!!! 家長會與活動 PTA Announcement  !!! *****
Room parent- Please come to SDCA office and look for Erin between 1:30-2:30 pm to pick up
spring festival pre-sale tickets for your class. $20 for 25 tickets at pre-sale. Ticket price at day
at event is $20 for 20 tickets ($1 per ticket).  
No room parent meeting. Rescheduled for 1/21/2018.
We will be preparing decorations for spring festival every week starting 1/14/18. Please come
and help out if you can. Thank you!

Room parent meeting at 1:45 pm in the SDCA office. Upcoming spring festival (2/11/2018)
celebrating Chinese New Year and SDCA 30th Anniversary with selection for food and game
booths will be discussed.

Room parent meeting at 1:45 pm SDCA office-continue preparation for spring festival.
Arts/crafts/making posters for booths.

Look forward to seeing you all! :)

點心購買  Snack Sale
家長會將在第二節下課時間 3:20pm to 3:40pm提供點心和水給家長購買,歡迎家長為孩
The PTA will prepare the snack and water for parents to purchase during the recess 3:20pm to

下課時間文化活動  Recess Cultural Activities
家長會也會在第二節下課時間 3:20pm to 3:40pm 準備了一些好玩的扯鈴、跳繩、踢毽的
The PTA will also layout some fun Chinese folk toys for students to play and learn about the
culture and tradition. There are Chinese yoyo, jump rope, and shuttlecock for the fun.  Come and
try out.  You might be the next super star for these folk toys.

家長會瑜珈班 1:45-2:45 pm at room MS112
大家一起來瑜珈!從下午1:45到2:45,在 MS 112上課,歡迎家長踴躍報名!
Yoga Club starts this week from 1:45 – 2:45pm at MS112. Register by emailing to

家長會部落格 PTA blog
假如您還沒訂閱家長會部落格,請到 訂閱,這樣您便能收到
If you have not subscribed to the PTA blog, please do so at , this
way, you can receive the most updated information about school happenings.

家長休息室  Parent Lounge
感謝學校今年大方的提供 MS 104 當作家長休息室,和其他教室一樣,請家長們嚴格遵守
This year we have a parent lounge in Room MS 104.  Please DO NOT change the classroom
setting,  DO NOT have food and beverage in the room and please also take your trash outside.
Thank you for your cooperation !

******!!!  獎學金計畫    Scholarship Opportunity  !!! ******
Application Deadline: 11:59PM - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018 Taiwanese American Scholarship Fund

Grants 10 - $5,000 scholarship awards to students of Taiwanese descent planning to attend
a university/college in the U.S. in Fall of 2018.

1. United States citizen AND direct blood descendant of a Taiwanese citizen
2. High school senior or 1st year college student residing in the United States
3. Plan to attend a University or College as a 1st or 2nd year full-time student in the
Fall of 2018 (If selected, high school seniors must submit college acceptance letter for
4. Have a minimum cumulative unweighted high school/college GPA of 3.0
5. Have a household income at or below the Federal/State/County Low Income
Level (Must be able to show 2016 or 2017 tax return should applicant be selected for
6. The scholarship is open to ALL majors

******!!!   中華文化 Cultural Session  !!! ******


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