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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

聖地牙哥中華學苑網路文化夏令營 2021 Online Chinese Culture Summer Camp 2021

2021-2022 學年度網上註冊 Online Registration

準備中! 更多資訊將在四月中更新 

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The highly acclaimed and cultural summer camp is back.The Online Chinese Culture 

Summer Camp 2021, taught jointly by Jojo Ni and Marine Liu, the teachers of the San 

Diego Chinese Academy of Culture and Credit Class, were deeply loved by parents and 

students last year. 

This year, the scope of camp has been expanded from Taiwanese culture to Chinese

 culture, introducing food culture, tea culture, and creative culture in two stages. In 

addition to explaining profound theories in simple language, fun and interesting 

hand-made crafts are also added. 

Moreover, Teacher Shinyun Tseng joins the other two teachers to set up a summer 

camp for Chinese picture book reading and creation, allowing children to follow the 

footsteps of well known picture books from an aesthetic point of view and let their 

imaginations fly. 

Please see the event flyer for details. Interested parents should not miss it.

*Culture summer camp is co-sponsored by the Overseas Community Affairs Council 

(OCAC) , Republic of China (Taiwan) Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office 

in Los Angeles (Santa Ana), U.S.A. and the San Diego Chinese Academy.

網路文化夏令營報名Online Culture Summer Camp Enroll

網路繪本共讀創作夏令營報名Online Picture Book Workshop Enroll

網路文化夏令營 Online Chinese Culture Summer Camp 2021




網路繪本共讀創作夏令營 Online Chinese Picture Book Workshop 2021




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